Awaken Your Great Taksu, which is the greatest Aura energy that emanates from your Soul of Soul.
All hypnotized by the radiance of your magical power after getting the blessing of Taksu Agung. In Tantrayana, taksu matches its meaning with magic. In fact, magic is energy that is a symbol of strength. According tatwa, sakti it is prana. Through that prana all creation in the universe was created. In its development taksu serves to solicit success for various fields, such as artists, farmers, traders, leaders, and so forth.

The Balinese generally regard taksu as a force that can give the souls and dignity to the owner of the Soul and the allure for a person, a performance or creation of art that taksu possession will be alive and spirited so that it can thrill the feelings of the audience. Conversely, without taksu it will become empty and bland so difficult to enjoy.

What is Taksu?

It is not easy to answer this simple question. This is due to the existence of the abstract taksu although it is not difficult to feel his presence or his absence, because this is the pure power of the soul that resides within a person. taksu can be limited as a power in the inner power, spiritual power (spiritual poiver), or magical powers (gagic poems) that appear in a person or a person’s creative work. It is believed that taksu can provide intelligence in doing a job, in addition to making it more authoritative and charismatic.
It should be understood that the taksu embryo already existed in the human body from the time he was born. the human body, as a bhuana alit, is regulated and blessed by God in its form as a creative, preserving, and destructive force, often called the Hyang Tiga Sakti. Coupled with the four siblings (nyama papat) consisting of anggapati, prajapati, banaspati, banaspati king. Among these four, banaspati king, also often called Queen Wayan Sakti Pengadangan, is the god taksu. However, like a gem, this embryo will only emit light when its owner continues to “rub” her with sincerity. This means that anyone can get taksu if he wants to work on the basis of hard work. And also this Taksu can rise because of the blessing of the Holy Teacher.


TAKSU AGUNG will radiate from Strength:

A: Spirit / Spirit
B: Attitude / Mental
C: Physical / Body
Based on the source, taksu can be divided into three: taksu bekel raga, taksu is carried / possessed from birth, taksu paica is a grace or gifts of God usually obtained through the process of sacred request (nunas ica) and taksu gegaen is made by smart people. Among the three, the first two taksu are wanted by many because they are believed to be stronger and more lasting.
Benefits after you execute Taksu Agung Healing:
1. The power of Aura of self is very high because of the aura that arises from the power of the soul and the grace of God.
2. Possed by many people because the charm of taksu agung is very high.
3. The loss of all barriers to life and problems is more easily resolved, because the power of the soul as the guidance of real begins to work.
4. Begin to be healed from the pain, because this power is the real healer.


Taksu Agung, Balinese aura healing has been widely given to national figures or top artists.

What to Bring when healing?

1.Sarung for use in healing and replacement clothes.
2. Provide 2 hours for healing.

Cost: 100 USD.


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