Do you have a less harmonious marital relationship, or are you often hurt by your partner? , be careful there is something you need to improve from within. Please present at de- Mantra ubud Bali, you will be in ritual with Semara Tantra. That is the strength of the inner adhesive magnet to solve your problem.

Inner beauty Inner beauty is a beauty that emerges from within as the aura emission. Aura is the glow of the body as an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the whole human body. The aura forms are layered, but are related to each other. The ultimate aura is called the etheric aura, then the astral / emotional aura, the mental aura and the outermost is called the spiritual aura. Aura is closely related to the emotional human personality so that the density, clarity, and attractiveness of the aura of each person is different. Aura will evolve as morality improves and character changes. The development of the aura will be the power of inner beauty.

Aura radiance is due to chakra movements in the body. There are seven major chakras contained in the body ie the muladara chakra located in the tail bone, the swadistana chakra (sex) above the genitals, the chakra manipura in the navel, the anahata chakra in the heart, the visudha chakra in the throat, the ajna chakra between the eyebrows, and the chakra crown on the head. While in the face there are 14 minor chakra points, among them located on the forehead of four points, on the left and right cheek four dots, under the eyes of two points, in the nose and lip two points, in the chin two points. To raise this chakra takes energy, but not just anyone can do. It takes people who understand and professional about the chakra to activate the aura. One of them is by energy transfer through Semara Tantra science.

Rajah and Mantra There are several Balinese sciences that can be used to evoke inner beauty written in papyrus pangiwa and kawisesan. The transfer of knowledge, in addition to using the man, also in the form of rajah and mantra. Rajah can be magical pictures or letters written on paper, gold, silver or copper plates, or written directly on a person’s body.

his knowledge is called Guna Semara Tantra. The men with special rituals wearing offerings. The ritual is performed on a certain day called Lulut (according to the Balinese calendar), by a professional person in his field. Other ingredients are sugar cane ireng, honey and women’s underwear.

With sugar cane ireng as a stationery and honey as ink, part of the teeth dirajah with magic letters Ung and Mang. The tongue also dirajah magic letter Ongkara Merta, while the two hands face the letter Ang and Ah. Meanwhile, underwear dirajah picture of a male head clamped women’s legs. When merajah also recited the magical spells by this professional person. Rajah accompanied by this spell will awaken the power of one’s self so it looks beautiful in the eyes of the opposite sex.

There is a taboo for those who pursue this man, underwear that has been dyed must not be washed because his strength will be lost when washed. These clothes are worn whenever necessary to attract one person of the opposite sex in a special way.

Another rerajahan that can be used to evoke inner beauty is rajah Ratna Mangali. written in the palm of Aji Piolas. Who uses this rerajahan, he said, will be able to attract and captivate every man’s heart. The rerajahannya tangible beautiful woman written on paper. Then the rerajahan was burned and eaten with offerings and magical spells from the transfer and energize the rerajahan. Every meal, drink and bath of the rerajahan name “Ratna Manggali” should be mentioned to always accompany.


Within 11 days after executing the man, inner beauty will radiate from the body. The wearer of this rerajahan will look like Dewi Ratna Manggali, son Walunatengdirah.

Another lesson as a generator of inner beauty is Pangasih Jagat written in palm Aji Kawisesan. Appropriate contents of the ejection, using the means of water and flowers of five colors (red, yellow, green, white, and black). The water and flowers were given spells and applied for strength to Bhatara Guru.

As for the spell that read: “Om idep I rumawak bhatara Iswara, rumawak ring sariranku, the jara semara tejan crew sariranku, wastu wong kabeh foreign ring crew sariranku …”. After the spells were recited, the holy water was sprinkled on the head five times, drunk five times and washed five times.


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