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Lately many YOGALOGY Practitioners, Balinese Holistic Healers have asked questions both through SMS, e-mail, discussion forums and even on FB. The point is to ask what kind of energy is used in Healing.

«Determination of the Type of Energy Used in Healing»

As we already know that the Guru Made Sumantra knows at least 3 (three) types of energy used for healing, namely: PRANA, KUNDALINI and the POWER of ATMAN / ROH; where each type of energy has different techniques and criteria for its application in curing diseases.
How do you generate all three energy in?
The only way is with Yoga in the form of Asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, tarka, dhyana Dan samadi. This is YOGALOGY.

PRANA is best suited to nerve-related diseases, because it functions as a neuro-transmitter that can calm nerves and improve healing abilities in the human body. Diseases that can be cured with PRANA include: a variety of psychological illnesses (stress, depression, trauma, phobia, addiction, insomnia) mismanagement, dislocations, pinched nerves, allergies, ulcers, vertigo, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, hemorrhoids, cancer and the like .
KUNDALINI is most suitable for healing diseases that are “related to blood” for example: gout, cholesterol, anemia, dengue fever, toxoplasmosis, lupus, leukemia, poisoning, stroke, coronary heart disease and the like; and diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi for example: all types of inflammation, typhus, tuberculosis, lung spots, hepatitis, cysts, TORCH. repair tissue damage (cell regeneration), cure degenerative diseases, control hormones, cure skin problems and increase stamina. Distribution of Kundalini energy can be done directly using the middle finger; used to deal with diseases that require focused energy distribution, for example to break kidney stones, gallstones, force recurrence of benign tumor cells, and accelerate recovery of damaged bone organs. Energy is channeled with full concentration and maximum speed, but the arm muscles don’t get tense. The same technique can also be done to provide therapy to patients with wider spread diseases, for example in cases of internal organ damage, postoperative wound recovery, and to deal with problems in the skin and the like; by aiming for the Kundalini energy to spread to the problematic tissue.

While the distribution of Kundalini energy using the palm while still doing warm air can be done to help increase stamina, for example to awaken people who fainted due to fatigue.
STRENGTH OF ATMAN / ROH. Often used in psychiatric healing, spiritual healing, and also protection from evil spirits. And the power of the spirit will strengthen the energy of Prana and Kundalini, in healing.

The above grouping is still based on the type of energy that is most suitable for handling each type of disease. However, in the reality that occurs in the field, there are often complications where a patient suffers more than one disease; or one complaint of disease caused by various causes. In this condition the patient needs a deeper treatment because the disease cannot be completed only by applying one technique. In this case we must integrate various techniques that we have mastered to solve them. For this reason, we are required to be able to analyze accurately and understand the true cause of an illness, not just based on the symptoms, so that we can provide appropriate therapy.

The simplest and most common example often occurs in cases of dizziness / headache. Headaches are generally just a symptom, while the real causes can vary, for example: stress, hypertension, anemia, toothache / inflammation of the gums, peptic ulcers, hormonal changes, overexertion, late eating and so on. PRANA therapy can, of course, help to relieve the headaches suffered, especially if the case is limited to stress or hypertension. However, if it turns out the source of the disease is caused by inflammation of the body’s organs, while the headache / headache is only one symptom, of course the handling is no longer with PRANA but with KUndalini and Atman, or both can be given. Whereas if the source of the cause of dizziness / headache is caused by hormonal changes, of course the technique used in healing is the distribution of Kundalini energy, or a combination of Prana and Kundalini.
Another example that is also very common, often occurs in cases of heat / fever. Increased body temperature is generally caused by infection. For that we must find out which body part of the patient is infected, and the extent of the severity. For cases of chronic infection generally accompanied by the occurrence of tissue damage, so handling in addition to using atman strength techniques, it should also be given Kundalini therapy to repair damaged tissue.

Thus it can be understood that each practitioner is expected to be able to do an accurate analysis of the causes of the disease before doing therapy, in order to determine precisely the most appropriate technique, including whether or not to combine several techniques in healing efforts.
If the practitioner has not been able to detect the disease in the Eye of Mind, the safest step is to ask the results of laboratory tests that are usually owned by the patient; or at least practitioners can interview patients to find out their history.
This is intended to avoid detection errors, so that practitioners can determine the most appropriate technique, and the handling of the disease does not seem arbitrary. To ascertain whether the patient is completely cured, a laboratory test can be performed after the therapy session is considered complete.

«Technical Mistakes That Often Occur When Therapy»

Actually, from the first time you studied YOGALOGY, it was explained that healing with ENERGY does not require any effort from the Practitioner, except to just apply a relaxed and resigned attitude. The more relaxed and resigned, the more smooth the flow of energy. Prayer and «surrender» intentions of healing are done early before we drain energy. After the energy flows, just keep relaxing … there’s no need for anything anymore. Leave it and leave it to the Soul to carry out its duties. Just a little we involve emotions, empathy or excessive desire to target recovery, it will actually inhibit the flow of energy, even the energy reserves in our body can be absorbed into the patient’s body. This condition allows for feedback that can cause the Practitioner to experience physical discomfort, even sometimes it can lead to illness for days. This happens because in addition to the depleted energy reserves, practitioners can also be contaminated with the patient’s illness.

It is different from using Kundalini therapy, there is no more resignation because the energy distributed must be controlled with «hope». We «hope» the energy that we send can work in the patient’s body, but this expectation is assumed to be “must happen / inevitably happen”, so as if we are required to use our creativity to «create energy» in the patient’s body. One more thing to understand is that doing therapy using Kundalini can affect our immune system, because some of the antibodies in our body are “sent” to the patient’s body. For this reason, we must be able to measure the energy capacity and capacity that we have when transferring energy, to anticipate not to fall ill because antibodies themselves become drained. Don’t forget to do energy refining before doing therapy using Kundalini. Transferring Kundalini energy without having sufficient energy reserves can cause weakness, extraordinary fatigue, and can even fall ill with various complaints, such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, and fever.
Unlike the two techniques above, Atman’s energy is channeled using «Awareness». Atman energy distribution for healing is so far effective if the Atman Practitioner’s awareness position is at Maha Atman. To distribute Atman energy especially if using the left hand must be done calmly and carefully, because if «misses» from the path and the heart can cause pain or tightness.

With this healing guide, I hope to provide input and benefits, especially for Practitioners who have not yet fully understood how to determine the right therapeutic method for each type of disease. There have been many cases of international energy healers coming to Ubud in the De-Mantra House Of Yoga And Healing to overcome the energy syndrome they experienced while carrying out energy healers in their patients.


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