( The main and true healer is the Almighty God, within us is Atman. The main and true teacher is the Almighty God, In us is Atman. The ultimate and true guide to life is the Almighty God, in us is Atman. We are responsible for our health, well-being and peace of life. We must sweep to create this from now on. Because we are Atman. Guru Made Sumantra ). About Guru Made Sumantra.

Are You Ready for Soul Path Therapy?


Before embarking on any inner journey, it is important to know if you have found the right guide. I invite you to learn more about Atman Jnana  healing and discover if Soul Path sessions are right for you.

What is Atman Jnana  healing?

Atman Jnana  healing sessions are designed to help people who have a reasonable degree of personality health and integration move to the next step in their personal journey of growth and awakening.

The goals of Atman Jnana  healing are very different from the goals of traditional psychotherapy. Psychotherapy helps you heal the pain that prevents you from normal, healthy functioning in one or more areas of your life. Sessions focus on significant problems that interfere with daily life such as clinical depression and anxiety, drug and alcohol addiction, severe childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect, and oppressive or violent intimate relationships.

In contrast,Atman Jnana  healing is a deep psycho-spiritual shamanic ( Bali Healer ) path whose primary focus is aligning you with your True Self and your best destiny tracks. Atman Jnana  healing helps you expand your spiritual awareness, heal multi-lifetime karmic patterns and themes, build conscious connections with your spirit guides, develop loving soulmate relationships, and achieve personal and professional goals that are in alignment with your True Self and your soul’s path.

Put simply, psychotherapy is about fixing what is broken and soul healing is about expanding into your potential and fulfilling your highest destiny.

How Does Atman Jnana  healing Work?

Atman Jnana  healing starts with the premise that this lifetime is one life in a series of incarnations that focus on fulfilling specific soul contracts and learning specific soul lessons. True healing and worldly success comes from connecting with your true self and fulfilling your soul contracts. While traditional psychotherapy works only with present-life material, soul healing acknowledges the reality of past-lives and heals the past-life karma that impacts current-life issues.

In Atman Jnana  healing, interactively guided shamanic ( Balinese Healer ) trance journeys are used to access lower, middle, and upper spiritual worlds and work directly with the compassionate spirits and places of healing and wisdom that are a part of non-ordinary reality. Experiences that occur on soul healing journeys to non-ordinary reality have a profound impact on your day to day life and are a primary vehicle for change.

All Soul Path sessions are holistic, integrate somatic, transpersonal, shamanic and expressive arts therapies, and work with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of the self simultaneously. There is a particularly strong emphasis on including the body in all psycho-spiritual and shamanic work.

Who I Help

Clients who benefit most from Atman Jnana  healing sessions are psychologically savvy and spiritually conscious people who are familiar with the process of inner work and have a deep commitment to personal growth, healing, and spiritual practice. Soul healing clients are typically healing arts practitioners, conscious entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, and visionaries who are committed to helping other people and the planet.

The wide range of Soul Path services helps even the most seasoned seekers experience new avenues for growth and healing.

While Atman Jnana  healing integrates many cutting-edge experiential psycho-therapeutic modalities, it is not designed to be a substitute for psychotherapy. Clients who have significant mental health diagnosis, severe and unresolved childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect, active symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, drug and alcohol addiction, or limited ability to function effectively in the world would benefit more from in-person, long-term somatic psychotherapy with a licensed mental health professional.

How Do I Book a Session?

In all of my healing and coaching work with clients, I am deeply committed to helping only the people who I can truly serve and who will benefit most from sessions. To that end, I invite all prospective clients to sign up for a free initial consult.

Once I receive your request, I will email you a brief introductory questionnaire that will help me prepare for our consult and learn a little about your primary issues, needs, and goals. If we seem like we are an excellent match, we will schedule an initial consult over the phone . If it seems like other healing work will support you better, I will do my best to refer you to the appropriate modalities and services.

In your consult, we will discuss where you are in your life right now and where you want to be. We will clarify your goals for Atman Jnana   healing and soul coaching work and create a plan for our initial session. You will have an opportunity to ask questions and we can decide together if we are a good fit.

After a successful initial session, a commitment to a series of sessions is recommended to achieve the best results and meet your soul path goals. The number and frequency of Soul Path sessions varies and is extremely individual, but an initial commitment to 6 sessions is standard. Every Soul Path session creates a significant breakthrough and “homework” in-between sessions helps you further integrate your healing and make rapid progress towards your goals.

Are you ready to make significant breakthroughs and live your soul’s path? Please go to the contact page and send Guru Made Sumantra an email with your name, number, time zone, and a brief description of what you want to work on. Guru Made Sumantra will get back to you within 48 hours to book your consult.

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