Balinese Yoga Healing Retreat


 There are 6 main enemies residing in oneself that we must control with Yoga.

Only we ourselves must do it, because it is within us.

Sad Ripu comes from the word sad which means six and ripu which means enemy. So Sad Ripu literally means six enemies that are within humans. The parts of sad ripu include:

  1. kama: lust, desire

  2. Lobha: greedy, greedy

  3. krodha: anger

  4. moha: confusion

  5. mada: drunk

  6. matsarya: envy, jealousy

These six enemies have different influences, if we cannot control them, they will fall into misery. Therefore, you should control the six enemies in each of them.

  1. Kama . Kama, which is meant in sad ripu, is a negative desire or desire. Humans really have to have desires, without the desire for life it will feel very flat. But desires that are positive, like wanting to be a doctor, teacher and others. Controlled desire will be a friend who is familiar to us

  2. Lobha. Lobha means greedy or greedy who is negative so that it harms others. Lobha which is negative will cause someone to be driven to commit a crime because they feel they are never satisfied with what they have. For example, the act of stealing, robbing and so on. Positive Lobha should be maintained, such as being dissatisfied with positive knowledge, lobha towards punia charity / funds.

  3. Krodha. Krodha means anger. People who cannot control their anger will cause harm to themselves and others. You can even kill other people. Many anarchist and criminal actions arise out of anger. Like destroying other people’s belongings, beating friends, and even killing their own family.

  4. Moha. Moha means confusion that can cause the mind to become dark so that one cannot think clearly. This will cause the person to be unable to distinguish between good and bad. As a result, things will deviate. Many causes a person to be confused, such as anger, getting serious problems, losing something that is loved and so on

  5. Mada. Mada means drunk. Drunk people don’t function properly. The result arises arrogant, arrogant, arrogant and utter words that hurt other people’s hearts. Like the drunkenness of his wealth, drunk with good looks. Drunk can also be caused by drinking liquor. By drinking excessive liquor will cause a person to lose consciousness, giving rise to behaviors that harm themselves and others.

  6. Matsarya. Matsarya means envy or jealousy. This will torture yourself and can harm others. The person whose master feels his life is difficult, poor, bad luck, so it will torture his own mind. In addition, if you are jealous of the belonging of others, it will cause a sense of wanting to be hostile, intent on evil, fight and fight, so that it harms others.

Within this week of retreat, we will begin our journey and bring calmness and sense of peace to our experience. Each shining path of the enlightenment will come to us as we learn about ourselves layers by layers, and we will find ourselves to be more present and living in the moment. The powerful energy from places we visit and the energy from our healing center will induce the healing process, renew ourselves, and give us protection when we return home.

Yoga Bale De Mantra

The retreat will be held at Yoga Bale De Mantra Ubud Bali, home for the hearts that crave to explore, learn and experience life mindfully. Our healing center is located in the heart of Ubud city, a peaceful house compound surrounded by gardens and family temples that protect our home. The surrounding energy is cleanse daily to maintain the purity and create strong rail of protection for us to live, and to practice our spiritual journey.

At our family temples we connect to our ancestors who protect us through life, at the same time gain knowledge and guidance to solve obstacles we face in this reality; mentally and physically. Our home and the Island of Bali possessed unique vibrancy that powerfully support our journey of hearts.

Here is what you will experience…

Daily Meditation, Pranayama and Asana Yoga

When we first hear about meditation or pranayama or asana yoga, many of us think that it is something complicated, something we cannot do or don’t have time for or something reserved for only certain types of people. The truth is, when we finally make time to do it, we may understand that it’s something we can do and will help us to understand ourselves better. All of these practice is aiming to help us become more relax.  We will learn to allow our mind to rest, while the body is having time to heal. We will learn to connect our body and our mind and synchronize the language that might be lost between the two parts.

Healing Breath & Trauma Release with Prakat Energy Therapy

“ If you want to be happy, detach yourself from the bonds of life’s duality, Good and bad living conditions, generate bahtin in consciousness above duality towards one that is universal cosmic awareness “ Guru Made Sumantra.

As we breathe every day, we might think that our breath is something that is not so special. Thus, we have taken advantages of our breath. We never think of the breath during our daily life, cos we think there are many more things that is more important than the breath such as work or money. We don’t realize that without breathing, there is no life.

Through this practice we will learn a technique to approach our feelings with our breath. We will learn to understand and differentiate the complicated relation between emotion and feelings itself. We learn that emotion is something in the surface, while the deep within lied down feelings that we never touch, or even want to see. When we understand truly about how we feel, we will know what we want, thus we know what we should do in this life. Following the true desire and hidden talents that we always have. We may finally do things we love and find happiness in this life.

Practice making offering and Balinese Purification

In Balinese tradition, each of the purification required offerings that is made with natural material such as coconut leaves, flowers and fruits. The making process of this banten (the offerings in Balinese language) is as sacred as the purification process itself. Each of the offering represent the connection our our life and what is the goal of our life. Connecting each relation with the energy of the Paramatma Sang Hyang Widhi who inhabit each of our soul and give direction in this life.

The offering will be made by each of us (participants) with the direction from the assistant of the opering maker, who will led the purification ceremony. On the purification process we will use the banten that we have made. Purification ceremony is not only to cleanse the physical body, but also to enlighten the mental body. Create tranquility and peace in the mind also feelings of contentment in the heart.

Balinese Purification (Melukat) OR MELUKAT FRONT OF SIWA LINGGAM.

Melukat is the ceremony that is spiritually purification the mind and the soul. This ceremony only carried out in the good day in it’s tradition. Purifying spiritually means a process to remove bad influence or klesa (Balinese term). Klesa translated as “dirty”, there are four klesas which are: Awidya (soul darkness that is come from egoist), Asmitha (attachment & craving), Dvesa (rejection and hatred) and Abhinivesa (fear). As this klesa always exist in human, the ceremony helps to reduce the klesa in the mind realm, thus can help the person to feel to calm and peaceful.

The first purification will take place at our home perform with the priest and the second purification will perform at the ocean. We believe that one of the most powerful source to cleanse ourselves is the ocean at dawn.

Please order this retreat program according to your time. We will arrange the program according to the time you choose. Book Here

During the retreat you will be staying at De Mantra Guset House, located 15 minutes  from Ubud. Standard room facilities: Garden view, smoking/ non-smoking, balcony/ terrace, garden.

The total cost of retreat is USD 750 (all inclusive listed below)

This retreat is limited to 10 participants so book early to avoid disappointment!


The length of the complete healing retreat program is 5 days/ 6 nights:   8 Oct 2019 to 13 October 2019. You will be check in at De Mantra Guest House on , 8 Oct 2019 and check out on  14 October 2019.



What’s Included?

  • 6 nights of accommodation at De Mantra Guest House
  • Airport transfer to Ubud (please confirm flight details prior to departure)
  • All meals for breakfast and lunch will be provided at our center. Selected food are healthy choices, juices and fresh coconut water prior to cleanse the stomach and colon, as well as to help circulation and cleans the body. *Please let us know if you have any allergies.
  • All retreat and classes activities:
    • Daily meditation, asana yoga instruction and practice
    • Practice of Healing breath: healing the body through breath-work
    • Practisce of Prakat Healing, healing the body through Prakat Energy ( Prana, Kundalini , Atman).
    • Essence of Yoga Philosophy teaching
    • Personal wellness consultation
    • Teaching in Balinese spirituality
    • Learn to make Balinese offering for self-purification (banten for melukat)
    • Visit traditional local fruit market
    • Purification ceremony and healing
    • Balinese purification
    • Art and expression with Balinese Dance and music
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What’s Not included?

  • Traveling cost to Bali
  • Traveling cost from any destination that is not listed on the retreat activities
  • Buying traditional Balinese clothes
  • Travel insurance


For more information about this retreat please contact:

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