Bali Spiritual Trip

Complete your holiday in Ubud Bali with a Spiritual experience of Bali and Balinese Culture with De Mantra Ubud Bali.

We will offer a package that will make you feel happy, happy and peaceful.

Our program packaging includes:

  1. Melukat Ritual. 09.00 (pick up at your hotel) -Melukat Ritual is cleaning yourself from negative energy and negative karmic effects with holy water in Tirta Mengening Temple, a sacred temple specifically for this ritual. 12.00 (Return to your hotel)

“Melukat”, or karmic cleansing ritual ceremony, is part of the Manusa Yadnya ceremony (holy sacrifice dedicated to human beings). Melukat aims to cleanse and purify the human body and soul in order to prevent havoc, bad luck and sickness. This havoc comes from acquired sins from your past life (sancita karmaphala) and actions from your present life (prarabda karmaphala). The ‘melukat’ ritual is a means of achieving self-purification for your physical body and spiritual soul. These efforts should be sought in accordance with the Lontar (palm leaf scriptures) ”Dharma Kahuripan” which describes how human spiritual maintenance is to be cared for from the womb until the end of life. The Melukat ceremony can be performed many times, according to your situation, needs, and goals. Tell Us your goal in melukat ritual.

There are 6 different types of Melukat ceremonies:

1. Melukat Astupungku Aims to cleanse and purify one’s evil influence caused by the imbalance of 3 material energies: Satwam, rajas, and tamas. It is in accordance with the instructions in Lontar Astupungku.

2. Melukat Gni Anglayang To provide medical treatment for persosn afflicted with disease. This ritual Implementation is done by a Balian who performs traditional treatments in accordance with’Lontar Putusan Kala Gni Chandra Bhairawa’. 3. Melukat Gomana For redemption of your day of birth and from bad influences through your life.

4. Melukat Surya Gomana To remove ‘stains’ and ‘dirt’ on a new born baby. This ceremony is held at birth, 3 days after birth, and 3 months after birth.

5. Melukat Semara Beda For cleansing the groom and bride from ‘stains’ and ‘dirt’ in a traditional Balinese wedding ceremony.

6. Melukat Nawa Ratna A ceremony for glory and prosperity from your leaders when you perform your duties.

The event will be led by Guru Made Sumantra ( Balinese Healer ) Or Jro Alit Batur, a daughter of a priest in Batur Bali.
All facilities will be prepared such as: offerings, traditional Balinese clothes, and clothes for melukat and transport.

Love Offering : IDR 1.000.000 ( a minimum of 2 participants )

Note: Events will be held every Saturday.

If you are interested please come and register at De Mantra House of Yoga and Healing.

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